Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tokyo Potted Garden(Tokyo Plant pots)東京植木鉢

Tokyo Plant Pots 東京植木鉢 TsuyaTsuya on Flickr

Tokyo Plant Pots 東京植木鉢 TsuyaTsuya on Flickr

I had started a new photo project named "Tokyo Plant pots".

I'm taking photos of Plant pots in Tokyo.
It's so wonderful and so kawaii!

Tokyo Plant Pots (Tsukishima017)東京植木鉢

Tokyo Plant Pots (Tsukishima010)東京植木鉢

Tokyo Plant Pots 東京植木鉢計画 on Flickr

Tokyo Plant Pots (YaNeSen002) 東京植木鉢

Tokyo Plant Pots (YaNeSen001) 東京植木鉢

The people of Tokyo have small houses with so small yard.
In some cases, they have no yard.
So, they grow various plants in small pots, and place them around the house.

the Tokyo Plant pots on Flickr (Flickriver) 東京植木鉢フリッカー

"Tokyo Plant pots"on Flickr (Flickriver Version)

"Tokyo Plant pots"on Flickr (Detail Version)

"Tokyo Plant pots"on Flickr (SlideShow Version)

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