Monday, December 01, 2008

100% KAWAII! the God of Wind and the God of Thunder!

風神雷神図 the God of Wind and the God of Thunder Fujin Raijin 100%kawaii ふうじんらいじん 琳派 俵屋宗達 尾形光琳 酒井抱一 Rimpa

"the God of Wind and the God of Thunder" is 100% KAWAII!
Rimpa is 100% KAWAII!
and Japanese Art is 100% KAWAII, too!

"the God of Wind and the God of Thunder Screens"
original version by Tawaraya Soutatsu(俵屋宗達)
in the 17th century.
And he created "Rimpa".
Rimpa (琳派), also romanized as "Rinpa",
is one of the major historical schools of
Japanese decorative painting.
It was created in the 17th century
by the artists Hon'ami Kōetsu (1558-1637) and
Tawaraya Sōtatsu (d. c. 1643).

俵屋宗達 『風神雷神図屏風』  建仁寺蔵 (京都国立博物館に寄託) 国宝
the God of Wind and the God of Thunder Screens
風神雷神図屏風 "Fujin Raijin Zu byobu"
Tawaraya Sōtatsu
100%KAWAII 風神雷神図屏風 俵屋宗達

尾形光琳 『風神雷神図屏風』 東京国立博物館蔵 重要文化財
Ōgata Kōrin
尾形光琳 『風神雷神図屏風』

酒井抱一 『風神雷神図屏風』  出光美術館蔵
Sakai Hōitsu
酒井抱一 『風神雷神図屏風』  出光美術館蔵

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